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HI everyone,

So you have read the news about YAPS losing their $35,000 funding from the Cairns Regional Council..  pretty shabby indeed.  Well Cairns dog and cat loving community and  have banded together to support YAPS by signing a petition ..  Over 5000 signatures already … pretty amazing.  Also a Facebook group called Yaps Matters has been created by a YAPS supporter .. which you are welcome to join and share a pic of your ex YAPS furbaby or even one not from YAPS.  To those already who have signed the petition, THANK YOU !!


Check out the latest edition of Yappy News… under the newsletters menu option.

We need a pic for the blog so here is one I took one arvo of  sisters (litter sisters) Oprah and Aretha.  They have been at YAPS since they were a few months old and are still waiting for their forever home.  Beautiful girls they are and they clearly love each other, but they do get to hang out with other dogs at YAPS and not just with each other.. as they are cruisey girls.


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone who reads this blog.   Easter Monday and YAPS is open for business again after just two days closed to the public I think.  Of course work doesn’t stop at YAPS as there are dogs to be fed, kennels cleaned, medication to be given to those with ailments.  It just doesn’t stop but they do close to the public.

Now further to my previous blog post, April the giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville USA,  gave birth to a strapping male calf .. according to my clock as I watched it live streaming on youtube and then on Facebook Live, it was 11:55pm Qld time.  It sure was a brilliant thing to witness with my 10yo daughter Eve.   He has yet to be named and they are doing a competition for that.  $1 per name.

April’s calf

Some great news during the week, Tilly the long termer tortoiseshell cat was adopted.  I really hope she settles ok and her and her new family love each other.  Fingers crossed for Minxy Moo as she is the next long termer.  Good luck girls.

Russell still awaits a home but thankfully he has Penny to have playdates with in the yards. .. Norma Jean is another long termer now, she hangs out with Sir Reginald. ..  a year is way too long to be in a rescue.

Now don’t forget we are selling the 2017/18 Entertainment books.  Please email friendsofyaps@gmail.com or purchase online from our link


Coming up on 22 April is Animal Education Day at Gordonvale.  If you are lookin gat adopting a pet, there will be numerous rescues and dog/cat related products being promoted.  If you already have a dog, take it down for a morning out and if you don’t have pets and don’t want one but still adore them, a good opportunity to pat some dogs.

30 April at Palm Cove near the jetty, is Palm Cove Dog Show .. dress your dog up and yourself even, pay $10 to enter the comp and you could win a prize.  It is a fundraiser for YAPS so you know where the entry free goes.  It has been a great event the past two years I have been. One think I noticed, Palm Cove people love their dogs.   Flyers are on the ‘upcoming event’s page.

cheers Anna


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April .. soon to be Easter

Hi all,

April the giraffe still has not given birth .. I know it’s crazy !!   many thousands of us have been monitoring youtube  since February and she is pottering to the finishing line though.. The signs of pending labour are there .. like full udder, swollen vulva (yes I know it’s a weird word) and lack of appetite.  If you want to follow April, go to http://www.aprilthegiraffe.com and click on the ‘watch the giraffe cam’.  That is the only official live stream of April, anything else is fake.   Animal Adventure Park are milking the craze and supplying tshirts and soft toys and even a text alert for when April does give birth.  You know what .. that’s ok .. it’s a happy thing.  I have loved watching April, learning about giraffes, checking out the fb page and knowing that amongst the gloom of world news that we see so often, something joyful is about to occur by way of April the giraffe giving birth.   To be pregnant for 15 months is ridiculous though.  I know after 10 months I couldn’t wait to give birth.  Poor April, many a mother sympathises.

On another note, there are always dogs and cats that go missing and cannot find home and Romeo the cat from Gordonvale, Bear Bear from Trinity Park,  ..   Please keep an eye out for these furbabies .. dearly missed by their humans.   Also make sure your pet is microchipped .. essential for reuniting your pet with you when it’s gone for walkabouts.

Another note, please check the upcoming events page as we have two coming up.  Animal Education Day at Gordonvale on 22 April  and Palm Cove Dog Show on 30 April.  Check our event page for flyers with info.  ps >> HAPPY EASTER  ..

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March already !

Hi all,

I’m a bit slack with the blog .. life gets in the way and also now the madness I am into is April the giraffe .. she is at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville USA.  There is a webcam with a live stream to youtube in the giraffe enclosure where April is housed as she is due to give birth to a little giraffe any day now. Of course she isn’t in labour yet as I type this but people from all over the world have been watching the stream. It is amazing just to watch April.  Oliver the father of her calf is in the stall next to her.  If you want to check it all out  ..  go to Animal Adventure Park on Facebook OR .. a site created just for April  .. http://www.aprilthegiraffe.com  and you can find the official youtube live feed.  There are other fake sites etc so it is best to go to the website and go from there.  It’s a whole big production with giraffe emoticons and apparel  .. such a great thing for people to see as we have so much doom and gloom in the news and makes a change from politics.  Any woman who has been pregnant for 10 months knows the end game and how uncomfortable you are .. well 15 months pregnancy for a giraffee !!  April looks so uncomfortable and finds it difficult to lay on the ground now.  Harpursville is about 15 hours behind our Cairns time.


At YAPS at this point in time there are loads of dogs .. and puppies too  so if you are up for a new family member, swing by and check them out.  Take them away from the kennels in order to get a true vision of the furry four legged friend as all of them are so different away from that environment.


Ruby came out with me a week ago and she loved being out with different smells.  She gets a little too overwhelmed by the heat and doesn’t want to go too far but just being out helped with her mental wellbeing.  She is a beautiful girl.

Roxanne is out on foster which is great as is Sugar and Jayda .. of course unless they have been adopted by their foster families ..

Ripley loves the wet weather especially when there is a muddy pool of water, she plonks in it and then you have a half muddy dog.  She is gorgeous though.





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What happened in December 2016

Hi everyone,

Sharing below the photos from Friends of YAPS Facebook page  ..   I am hoping this works and you can click on the image and it will take you to a fb page where you can see the photos individually.  Amazing local artist Hayley Gillespie is photographed with the beautifully decorated tree with her own creations.

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Welcome to 2017

Welcome lovely people to January 2017, a new year of fundraising ahead of us.

First up is Paws on the Path, well, other things might crop up in the mean time as March is 3 months away and kids still have to go back to school on 23 Jan.  Time flies these days.

Anyways thanks for sticking with us and supporting Friends of YAPS and YAPS.  The updated cover of our FOY fb page. 🙂
I have yet to update our blog banner so that will come in the next few days.


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Have your pet photographed with Santa at PetStock Smithfield

Hi lovely people,

This weekend is going to be a good one as Santa is coming to PetStock Smithfield from 10-2pm so if you want to bring your pet down for a photo for $5, then give the Smithfield store a call and book a time.    Last year we had cats come in as well as a guinea pig, Bearded Dragon  so unusual is cool.  We are lucky Matt Hagan the Cairns Snake Catchers kids didn’t bring a snake as I think Santa may have peed his red pants.

Also PetStock have the wishing tree so spread the word that donations will be accepted to go under the wishing tree.

We also have the Christmas Party 80’s theme at Edge Hill Bowls Club.  Any animal loving person is welcome, so if volunteers have a bestie they would like to come along, please email friendsofyaps@gmail.com to book seats.     Should be a fun night with 80’s music .. which is a fave of mine .. Remember Billy Idol, Wham, Duran Duran, Bananarama, Culture Club,.  just to name a few.

So please come along.



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What’s going on !

Hi lovelies.

We have had the trivia night at Barron River Hotel on Thursday 29 September, was another successful night of fundraising and raised $800 including money board and raffle tickets sold.  Thanks to James and his crew at the Barron River Hotel as it was another great night of fun, yet tricky questions.  20161002_russell-blessed

Sunday came and Russell, YAPS long termer was taken out by Tricia to be blessed at St Peters at Kewarra Beach.  It is an annual service to bless animals and was conducted by Rev Elisabeth Daniels who is the human mum of doggy Lilly, a former YAPS dog.  Russell came back to YAPS with a bandana which he was bless in and I took a photo of him.  He is such a well behaved boy when he is out and about.

Another YAPS dog had leave on Sunday too and it was darling Kelpie x called Trouble.  He is no trouble though but was natroubles-day-outmed because it was a bit of trouble in catching him as he was roaming across from the tip at Smithfield and people trying to help him had no luck until another person tried the following day and I believe she just opened the car door and he hopped right in.  The darling boy can be timid and wary of strangers but once he is used to you, he is the sweetest affectionate boy.  Having the Kelpie gene in him, he needs to be active and the working dogs like instructionst too.  Anyways Trouble had his tail between his legs a lot of the time we were out and only freaked a bit when a bunch of youths came near to go into the shop and he backed up scared.  He has no problem with my (almost 10yo) daughter Eve  so it’s not the youth factor, it’s more just strangers in general.  Regardless of his environmental anxiety, he was still well behaved and I think enjoyed being away from the kennel environment.


Just a heads up, YAPS will have a stall at Stratford at the markets this coming weekend, not sure which day .. and also at Palm Cove.  Some YAPS dogs may be out and about too having some day leave from YAPS.

cheers .. Anna



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Happy Days

Firstly a congratulations on my favourite boy Elmo.  He was adopted earlier in the month, the day after his estimated birthday.  He went to a family with a little girl and I am sure he will adore her.  He was such a good boy when Eve and I took him out to Pets in the Park some weeks back and so gentle with Eve.  He is so deserving of this but of course they all are at YAPS. On his birthday arvo I gave him some birthday cuddles and kisses and of course selfies with him.    The staff had given him a little doggy cake and sung happy birthday (I was told) . Princess was adopted a month or so before Elmo and she is super loved by her new humans and she loves them as much back.  Russell, it’s his turn next as he is the last of the long termers  .. and then Skittles who like Elmo has been at YAPS since a pup and is now a young adult.




Elmo on his birthday

So we’ve had the Snakes and Ladders motorcycle run.  It was organised and run by Trumpy, Rocket Rob and Mossy and there was a great bunch of bikes and people who congretated at Muzz Buzz Raintrees and ended at Mountain View Hotel at the bottom of the Gillies Highway after a trip up the Kuranda Range to Mareeba and on from there.  I believe almost $4000 was raised.  These motorbike dudes are very organised. They had a great run and I took some photos while I was there that morning at Muzz Buzz.   A little Chihuahua x Kelpie named Norton was  a big hit with my camera lol… I took some nice ones of him.  The channel 7 cameraman got him on film and an interview with his human mum.


Norton and his humans

Yesterday was Cairns Festival Parade 2016 27/8/16.  Eve and I walked in the parade with Max and Millie (Border Collie x Beagle) and although Max was a bit overwhelmed by it and a tad protective of his Millie girl, they both did well for 9yo dogs, walking the length of the Esplanade and back to the car after the parade.  Millie was vocal half way through and was woofing.  The crowds cheered on the YAPS dogs and many said ‘you do a good job’.  Two dogs did super turds along the way, one being Kelpie x named Trouble and boy did it stink ! Ellie nee Velvet (one of Valentina’s adopted pups) did a wee  ..  she has grown !

20160816_113835 (1)

Max & Millie 9yo (Border Collie x Beagles)

Max and Millie didn’t have anything to smell on the road but at the end of the parade when we got onto the grass, my goodness, it was down to Beagle business and nose to the ground as we walked back.  They were quite excited on the way to the parade, I had to have them tightly secure because Millie was in the front and kept wanting to go to the back.  On the way back they were a bit better.  Thank you Max and Millie for walking with us. Today Eve and I went to see them and have some cuddles.  Although they are all business when out for a walk, they are the sweetest dogs when it’s cuddle time. They really know how to work it and get the most out of you.  If you stop patting Max, he will nudge his nose under your hands and then if you pay attention to Max, Millie will scratch with her paw and then reach up to lick you.  That’s what she did with me.  They really do suck you in.  Although at 9yo, they really don’t act like seniors so be prepared for active daily walking with these two.  Walks are quick because they are too !

If you read this, thank you as I am not sure if anyone even swings by.  cheers .. Anna

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July 2016

Hi folks,

Hope all is well in your world.  All is good here and yes my family has embraced the Pokemon Go craze.  It has been a positive thing for my teenagers and youngest and we are all communicating better than ever so how can this craze but a bad thing when families are getting out and about, even if it is with technology.

Now .. we have a few fundraisers coming up …. plus the awesome YAPS calendar for 2017 is available to purchase.  $7 each or 2 for $10 …and they are great quality as well.  You should have seen the smile on my face when I saw our adorable long term girl Princess in it .. she deserves to be as well.   The only thing is .. there is a cat called Sam in it but a misprint and is called Tom !!   Sam is the feline long termer.. He has a bit of a moody moment but he still deserves to be in a home of his own.

Look out for the YAPS stall at the Cairns Show too.  It will be somewhere in the Fred Moule Pavillion, maybe across from a candy/lolly place. I cannot recall what I read oops.

We have some beautiful kittens at YAPS  .. Dex and Draven the little white kittens .. Nora .. and I think Antonio, another white kitten might still be available for adoption.  Anyways adorable they are.  Of course the big kitties are adorable too .. Frenchie is a hoot.  She’s like the tamer version of Ginger Rogers.  She went to a home on a boat would you believe !! I hope she is doing ok.  Frenchie though is a more affection girl but so playful and adventurous.

Stay safe people,


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